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The simplecd package provides printable cut-outs for various CD,DVD and other disc holders. The name of the package comes form it's implementation and ease of use. The simplecd package was created for producing cut-outs for creating covers, inlets for optical disc packaging such as jewel cases, keepcases. The covers were aimed for containing only simple text with different font sizes, but since it is only a \parbox in a tabular enviroment's cell, it can contain anything that a \parbox can contain. There are also macros which can resize ready-to-print images to the appropriate size. The supported covers are -jewel case front, back and individual spine -two-page jewel case front -slim DVD keepcase -normal DVD keepcase -Blu-Ray keepcase -costum-sized keepcase -disk sleeve -one sided DVD keepcase inlay -one sided Blu-Ray keepcase inlay -costum-sized inlay
CTAN: directory: /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/simplecd

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